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Skeleton Bucket and Grapple Bucket

Skid Steer Rock Bucket, Skid Steer Grapple Bucket Stand Up to Rugged Use

By Mike Ebben

The Berlon skeleton bucket is the ideal skid steer attachment for removing rocks pushed up by frost in farm fields, and for other farming, landscaping and construction site uses. Our skeleton grapple bucket extends the use of the skid steer attachment to a wider variety of applications.

skeleton rock bucket for skid steersThe open-floor design of our skeleton bucket lets soil sift through and remain where it's needed in the farm field.

The spacing of the steel runners will hold rocks larger than three inches which can be held in the bucket's deep well until capacity is reached. The rock well's dam extends five inches above the theoretical base of the bucket.

The Berlon skeleton bucket comes with 3/8-inch-thick steel runners and sides for extra resistance to wear and stress. The bucket design includes dual 1-1/4-inch rod supports for extra reinforcement across the vertical runners.

skeleton grapple skid steer attachmentThe leading edge of the Berlon skeleton bucket is fully welded on both sides of the runners, adding extra strength at a key stress point.

Berlon manufactures skeleton buckets in five widths, including 60”, 66”, 72”, 78”, and 84”. See our skeleton bucket page for all the specifications and details.

These buckets also are ideal for removal of other debris, including construction materials and brush.

Get More Chores Done with Berlon's Skid Steer Grapple Bucket Version

A grapple version is available with grapple and/or with scrap ends to allow items wider than the bucket to be carried.

See your local Berlon dealer for details on a skeleton bucket to suit your application needs.